The MICS4 Movie

UNICEF has released a promotional film on MICS.

The film includes an introduction by Ms. Ann Veneman, UNICEF Executive Director, and after a description on how MICS was born and what it's major features are, includes the following section: "MICS in Action - MICS on the Ground", "Using MICS Data", "Reliable Data", "Next Round".

The film has been released in 5 different languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. Various formats are available. The film has been posted at http://www.childinfo.org/mics.html in all languages.

The English version of the film can be downloaded here, in wmv format.



MICS4 Pilot Film

The MICS4 Pilot Survey, which was conducted in Mombasa, Kenya, during January-February 2009, was documented on film.

In the film, Attila Hancioglu, the Global MICS Coordinator, describes the pilot survey, it's content and objectives. The film includes scenes from fieldwork and training.

The film has been posted at http://www.childinfo.org/.

It can also be downloaded here, in avi format.